6 comments on “The Power of Practice

  1. Reading this book right now as well, find it very interesting and compelling. I largely agree with what he’s saying, as soon as you start looking behind the “talent” some people allegedly have you almost certainly find a high internal motivation combined with a lot of hard work. Sometimes (in particular in sport) some people have certain genetic advantages (e.g. size, to an extent body shape) which can only partially be compensated by a different style/tactic, so not everyone can do everything, but in general I don’t think he’s too far off.

  2. I also believe that many children are capable of anything given the right encouragement and influence of parents, teachers and sheer hard work. One of my colleagues picked up on an article by Mathew Syad last year and wrote this blog on the same subject.http://wp.me/p1898z-4P . She concentrated on the effects of correctly praising a child to encourage them to reach their full potential. Love reading your blogs!! Margaret Carmichael

    • Thank you Margaret – that’s very kind of you! I will certainly check out your colleague’s blogpost. Don’t know whether you have read Carol Dweck’s ‘Mindset’ but your comment about ‘correctly praising’ is central to her message about developing a growth mindset – with the emphasis on praising the effort rather than the result.

  3. I quite agree with you Armin. Motivation has to be the key. If you transfer the sporting analogies to an educational context, the most significant effect a teacher can have on a young person is to motivate or inspire them to want to be the best. That’s what the best teachers are able to do.

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