3 comments on “Responsible Citizens in the Digital Age

  1. Digital citizenship is as difficult to teach as character development. My colleague, @briancsmith, quoted a friend of his who believes classrooms should have only one rule.

    “Don’t be a jerk.” Discuss :).

    Wish I could use that with my 10-year-olds. Perhaps, in terms of internet, we must add “Don’t be naive.” :)

    • If only it was that simple, eh! You could spend a whole session discussing the meaning of ‘naive’ alone. I don’t think there are any short-cuts, but these are exactly the kind of discussions we need to be having today, and learning TOGETHER what social responsibility is. We are now in territory where young and old are equally naive.

      • So true. And parents have a lot of fears about their children being online. I find the fears stem more from the “fear of the unknown” than a fear of their child’s lack of responsibility.

        Some colleagues and I were thinking of offering a computer and online course for parents so that they get a better idea as to what their children are doing – and how we are advising them to live a digitally “wise” life.

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