4 comments on “Visual Literacy – No Longer a Luxury

  1. Good to know that this is in line with what I have just been writing in my 4th year education essay. I found this is true for a class I’ve just been teaching whilst on placement. They have additional support needs, mostly dislexia, and required scribes to write. Working with media allowed them to access higher order thinking and activated a rich discussion whereas working with a short story seemed much more prohibitive.

    • Thanks for that Fiona. The good thing is that technology also allows us to capture spoken responses to texts as well, so that a written response is not the only option. At the same time, writing can be improved when it is required in preparation for the spoken response and has a very real purpose.

      • Yes and it is so good that the Curriculum For Excellence gives us more freedom to use different methods of assessment.
        Very embarrassed that I spelt dsylexia wrong!

      • Ooops. I didn’t even notice, which just goes to show how we read what we THINK we see!

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