5 comments on “You Want Extra Books With That?

  1. Interesting … I wasn’t aware of this scheme. I think they’d have been much better continuing to give away books in their Happy Meals if anything, although they were a limited selection/age range. £1 book vouchers go nowhere towards paying for the whole cost of a book. This is one of the ongoing problems with the World Book Day scheme – you might be able to swap your voucher for a special £1 World Book Day title, but if you want a £5.99 or £6.99 book, you need to pay the difference. If you can only use McDonald’s book vouchers in WHSmith, this again limits who will use them – and I bet they won’t be valid for use with any other deals on offer eg Buy one get one half price.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for commenting. I think, to be fair to McDonald’s, the voucher entitles the bearer to pay only £1 for the selected book, rather than to have £1 deducted from the price. Unless I have misunderstood it, which is very possible!

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