3 comments on “The Ikea Effect

  1. Yes, there’s nothing quite so depressing as having to destroy something you built and is now falling apart. Particularly when the time between its construction and demolition seems relatively short. I suppose you could call that the “temporal demolition effect.”

  2. I so so loved Spit Nolan…I remember the races down the streets in the pit villages where I came from, even into the seventies. Pram chassis, ropes, orange boxes etc… wonderful. Thank you Bill for taking me back to one of the very few happy memories from my childhood

    • My pleasure Jaye. Without turning this into a Hovis advert, I too grew up in an era when we made our own ‘bogies’ as we called them, from bits of prams found in the local scrapyard. I actually made my own bikes for a time as well – could never have dreamed of owning a new one – and there were some weird contraptions I can tell you. I also loved the story of course, despite its rather obvious home-spun philosophy.

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