100+ Free Web Tools for Teachers

100 Useful Websites


Aviary – online photo editing tool www.aviary.com

BBC Film Network – showcasing new British filmmaking www.bbc.co.uk/filmnetwork/

Big Huge Labs – make posters and magazine covers www.bighugelabs.com

Blogger – create your own blog www.blogger.com

Blurb – make your own book www.blurb.com

Cloze Creator http://l.georges.online.fr/tools/cloze.html

Cool Text – create your own logo www.cooltext.com

ClassTools – create free games, quizzes, activities and diagrams www.classtools.net

Crazy Talk – create talking pictures http://www.reallusion.com/crazytalk/

DepicT – Watershed’s super short filmmaking competition www.depict.org

Dumpr – fun and simple online photo effects www.dumpr.net

Edgalaxy – cool stuff for nerdy teachers www.edgalaxy.com

Edublogs – world’s most popular educational blogging service www.edublogs.org

Fakebook – create fake Facebook profiles for literary/historical figures www.fakebook.com

Filminute – watch, rate, comment and share short films www.filminute.com

Fine Tuna – add comments to any image and share www.finetuna.com

FreeFoto – largest collection of free images on the internet www.freefoto.com

Glogster – design your own poster www.glogster.com

Google Sites – create your own wikis and web pages sites.google.com

Jing – capture images from your computer screen www.techsmith.com/download/jing/

Letterpop – create your own newsletter www.letterpop.com

Meograph – create digital stories www.meograph.com

My Brochure Maker – does what it says on the tin www.mybrochuremaker.com

My Newsletter Maker – does what it says on the tin www.mynewslettermaker.com

My Postcard Maker – does what it says on the tin www.mypostcardmaker.com

OneWord – creative writing challenge from a single word www.oneword.com

OrigamiFun – learn how to create beautiful origami figures for free www.origami-fun.com

Penzu – free online diary and personal journal www.penzu.com

Photosynth – capture 3D and panoramic images www.photosynth.net/

PicArtia – free photo mosaic creation tool www.picartia.com

PicJuice – online photo editor www.picjuice.com

PicMonkey – online photo editor www.picmonkey.com

Picture2Life – edit photos, create collages and animations www.picture2life.com

Smore – design beautiful online flyers and publish immediately www.smore.com

Snipshot – edit pictures online www.snipshot.com

Spicynodes – mind-mapping and visualisation tool www.spicynodes.org

Splashr – creative image presentation tool www.splashr.com

StorySeeking – combine storytelling with treasure hunting http://www.storyseeking.com/

Tabblo – create and share stories using your photos www.tabblo.com

Tagxedo – turn printed text into stunning word shapes www.tagxedo.com

Timeglider  – web-based timeline creator for history projects etc. www.timeglider.com

TimeToast – another great web tool to create and share timelines www.timetoast.com

Voice Thread – create talking pictures www.voicethread.com

Voki – create a speaking avatar www.voki.com

Woices – listen, create and share free geolocalised audioguides www.woices.com

Wordle – versatile word cloud creation tool www.wordle.net

Zamzar – free online file conversion www.zamzar.net


280 – create and share presentations online www.280slides.com

AuthorStream – convert your presentations to video and share online www.authorstream.com

CoveritLive – live blogging software for event coverage www.coveritlive.com

Dabbleboard – online collaboration tool www.dabbleboard.com

Dropbox – share files across multiple computers www.dropbox.com

Evernote – save and share things you like www.evernote.com

GoogleForms – share and collaborate on documents online www.docs.google.com

Issuu – collect, share and publish your own texts www.issuu.com

One True Media – create your own video with photos, text and music www.onetrumedia.com

Prezent-it – create and share presentations online www.prezentit.com

Scriblink – free digital online whiteboard www.scriblink.com

Pbworks – online team collaboration tool www.pbworks.com

Pinterest – online pinboard. Share things you love www.pinterest.com 

Posterous – share materials safely online www.posterous.com

Prezi – a presentation tool with a difference www.prezi.com

Scoop.it – instantly connect to what’s important to you www.scoop.it 

ShowBeyond – digital storytelling tool www.showbeyond.com

Sliderocket – make and share online presentations www.sliderocket.com

Slide Roll – create online slideshows www.slideroll.com

Slideshare – find and share presentations, slideshows and videos www.slideshare.com

Storify – create stories using social media www.storify.com

Wallwisher – create online notice boards  www.wallwisher.com/

Wikispaces – create your own collaborative web pages www.wikispaces.com

XMind – online mindmapping and brainstorming tool http://www.xmind.net/


Answers – find the answer to every question www.answers.com

Dropping Knowledge – big questions for writing or group discussion www.droppingknowledge.org

Delicious – create and share favourite websites www.delicious.com

Mashpedia – the hyper encyclopedia for research topics www.mashpedia.com

NewspaperMap – find newspapers from around the globe http://newspapermap.com/

NumberQuotes – find a good quote to add meaning to numbers www.numberquotes.com

Search-Cube – see your web search results in visual form www.search-cube.com

Spezify – visual search tool www.spezify.com

StumbleUpon – discover interesting web pages according to your likes www.stumbleupon.com

Wikipedia – the online interactive encyclopedia www.en.wikipedia.org


Animoto – create videos of school events from your photographs  www.animoto.com/education

Brainpop – animated education with Tim and Moby www.brainpop.co.uk

Chogger – simple comic creation tool www.chogger.com

ComicBrush – make your own comics www.comicbrush.com

ComicMaster – make your own comics www.comicmaster.org.uk

ComicStripGenerator – make your own comic strip www.stripgenerator.com

ComicsWorthReading – does what it says on the tin www.comicsworthreading.com

Digger – useful film clips from the BBC www.bbc.co.uk/schools/digger

DoInk  – create Flash-style animations www.doink.com

Dvolver – simple movie making for kids www.dvolver.com

Ericpowerup – video game animations www.ericpowerup.net

Go Animate – make your own animated videos www.goanimate.com

JayCut – video editing tools www.jaycut.com

MakeBeliefsComix – easy and fun comic comic strip creation www.makebeliefscomix.com

Memoov – online animation studio http://memoov.com

MuveeCloud – create movies from photo albums http://cloud.muvee.com/

Muvizu – 3D animation www.muvizu.com

Pixton  – comic creation site www.pixton.com

Scratch – create and share interactive stories and games www.scratch.mit.edu

Storyboard That – collaborative storytelling tool www.storyboardthat.com

TeachingComics – does what it says on the tin http://www.onlinedating.org/additional-resources/the-art-of-comics/

ToonDooSpaces – create and share comic strips in a safe environment www.toondoospaces.com

WittyComics – make your own comics www.wittycomics.com

Xtranormal – if you can typr you can make movies www.xtranormal.com

YoYo Games – free games maker for Windows www.yoyogames.com

ZU3D – stop-motion animation software www.zu3d.com


13 thoughts on “100+ Free Web Tools for Teachers

    • Hi Lizzie,
      Good of you to get in touch. I will certainly check out your free resources, and almost certainly add a link to them from my blog so that teachers are aware of them.

      Best wishes,

  1. Hi Bill,

    Love the site! Could you create a link to Lendmeyourliteracy.org? We’d be delighted to do more work with Scottish schools and would happily speak at a conference, schedule allowing! Is this something you know about?



    • Hi Henry,
      Thanks for the comment. As a self-employed consultant I don’t have any particular influence on Scottish schools – unless by invitation! – but I would be more than happy to add a link to your site on the blog. Must have a look more closely at what you are doing but from the little I’ve seen via Twitter it looks very impressive. I’m sure there are many things we could learn from, and share with, each other, and the offer to speak at conferences is coming right back at you in the other direction. All the best,

  2. I am currently a primary education student and have just done a seminar where we learnt about tagxedo and similar e tools that can help in the primary classoom. I have come across your sight as we have set up an internal blog to reflect on our progress. As a ‘digital immigrant’ I have found your blog brilliant and will be looking at all the sites when this semester is finished. Thank you so much. Katrina

    • Hi Katrina,
      Many thanks for your generous comments about the blog. I wish you well in your studies and hope you have a long and interesting career in teaching, as I have had.

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  5. Wow! What a great, comprehensive list – I’ve given it a share via Twitter.

    Might I suggest one more? Canva.com – It’s an online platform that allows for easy creation of blog, social, and presentation images.

    Thanks Bill,


    • Cheers Greg. I’ll be sure to check out Canva and add to the list. Haven’t updated it for a while to be honest.

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