Taking it Easy


Writing this from Bergamo in northern Italy where I am taking it easy for a week and catching up with some reading, including various helpful articles on the art of blogging and the benefits to teachers of introducing it into their classroom practice. I know instinctively that the idea of having your work read and possibly commented on by an audience way beyond the teacher must be a motivation for young people to write and to be more conscious of the effect their writing has on a reader, so I am determined to explore it and to encourage teachers who have an innate fear of technology, the web and social networking in particular. As the old saying goes, if I can do it………..

Picked up a copy of The Word magazine at the airport on the way out. I had forgotten how good it can be if you want to check out what’s new in music and writing. The latest edition has an interview with Will Self, enigmatic as ever but always interesting.


5 thoughts on “Taking it Easy

  1. Hi! I have been reading your posts, but I wasn’t sure if you wanted comments yet or not. I decided today just to let you know that someone is reading you!

  2. Comments welcome Nancy. I’m very much at the stage of learning to walk as far as blogging is concerned but the potential is obviously fantastic.

  3. Good to see that you’re off and running, Bill.
    On the graffiti, I’m with the reclaiming of (fairly) public space and the improvement of the urban landscape.
    why am I happy to admire an “improved” Italian train, yet disappointed that the concrete piers at the newly upgraded Clydeside expressway have been “done” even before the road is fully opened?
    As always, wanting to have my cake and eat it.
    Awra besr, Dan

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