Exam Stress

I had a phone call at the end of last week inviting me on to this Tuesday’s Fred MacAulay show on Radio Scotland.  Imagine my disappointment to learn that it was not because word had got out about the success of my Chic Murray impersonation but to talk about exam stress and how to avoid it. It’s exam season in Scotland again, and students, teachers and parents will be feeling the pressure. I was asked to provide similar advice for new teachers on Learning and Teaching Scotland’s website some time ago and what I offered then was really just a matter of common sense. The key points for me are:-

  • Preparation is everything. Draw up a study plan and stick to it
  • Eat and sleep well. Avoid fatty foods and too much sugar. Drink plenty of water and resist fizzy drinks
  • Take some exercise. Swimming, cycling or walking are probably best
  • Think long-term. Decide what your next move will be in the event of best and worst-case exam scenarios


Learning is for life.

Some stress is necessary. Otherwise we wouldn’t perform at our best.


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