Creative Ironing

What a hectic week last week was. Took part in the much-anticipated (by me) interview on the Fred MacAulay show on Radio Scotland. After delusions of chatting to Fred over the course of an hour or so and eventually being offered a daily programme of my own, I actually had approximately 4 minute squeezed between a man talking about car insurance and a woman who runs her own ironing business. Now I know why the art of the soundbite is so important.  Came back to sit in on the first of a series of Inspiration Sessions at LTS run by Ewan. Taking as its starting point a truly inspirational clip of Ken Robinson presenting a twenty minute talk called “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” it was the stimulus for some great discussion. I am absolutely convinced, as Robinson clearly is, that the traditional hierarchy of subjects in schools, and an outdated notion of what constitutes intelligence, is stifling creativity and halting our progress to building a curriculum fit for the 21st Century. You can read more of my thoughts on this if you follow the link to an article I wrote last year for TES.


One thought on “Creative Ironing

  1. Dorian Gray? Left back for Partick in the 1950s? I think you are a it of Dorian Bill, never ageing, young at heart can’t or won’t die etc.
    Ken Robinson should be on the curriculum for TEIs together with CfE. Spot on ideas about public education, well worth going into YouTube and calling up his address to TED recently.
    Like the blog and the intro photo spread. very geographical and interesting. Keep it going…..

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