Literacy in the 21st Century

Had a great meeting with Mike Coulter yesterday about some of the technical aspects of blogging as I move gently along the learning curve. We ended up talking about running marathons, triathlon and the connection between sport and mental health, but that’s another big story for another day. Mike also pointed me in the direction of the Slideshare website, a terrific resource for anyone who has a presentation to prepare, and it’s searchable by keyword. I have added a good example of a presentation on Literacy in the 21st Century by David Warlick.


2 thoughts on “Literacy in the 21st Century

  1. Thanks Ewan. I think people are only just beginning to realise the power of sharing and they are going to need those who are ahead of the game to lead them gently through it. We need to be aware of setting the right pace though. I will set up an account (soon) as well as investigating Friendfeed and a few other things. Sometimes I feel like I’m back in Primary 1 starting again – it’s great!

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