A Tale of Two Rivers

Wednesday:The re-constructed Globe Theatre on the south bank of the Thames

At the headquarters of Ofcom in London on Wednesday this week, attending a summit on digital media literacy. With representatives from the UK governments, curriculum bodies and qualifications authorities from Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the discussion was lively and thought-provoking, but of course just scratching the surface of a very complex issue. Reassuring that, with our re-definition of literacy in the cover paper for Literacy and English in Curriculum for Excellence, we really do seem to be ahead of the game.  From there to catch day two of the Scottish Learning Festival at the SECC on the Clyde. The Festival

Looking east along the Clyde from the Crowne Plazza

Thursday:Looking east along the Clyde from the Crowne Plazza

reminds us how significant Scotland is right now in leading learning and defining the curriculum for the 21st Century. A highlight for me was Neil Winton’s seminar on using Wikis in the classroom to improve literacy. Neil is PT English at Perth Academy and truly inspirational, but in a “feet on the ground” kind of way. If you are interested in empowering your pupils to take control of their own learning you could do a lot worse than to check out what he and his department are doing using this free technology.


7 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Rivers

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  2. Very interesting from a high school student’s point of view.

    Could you please get some more people to look at and comment on my blog? There will be some new stuff coming soon on how eco friendly a place Battlefield is. I need more people to view my blog to keep me going. Thanks

  3. Hi BB,
    Like you I am still at the stage of finding out how to encourage more people to read my blog and leave comments. You could begin by emailing your classmates, family friends etc and asking them to leave a comment. You could also try visiting the blogs on my Blogroll (right hand column), leaving a comment on their blog and ask them to visit your blog in return. Look forward to reading about eco-friendly Battlefield!

  4. Cheers Chris. I’ve just been investigating the RSS widget but it looks like it’s for me to take feeds rather than allowing people to take feeds from mine. Need to investigate things like twitter as well to increase traffic. All this fairly new as you can probably gather. Any advice gratefully received.

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