Monkey Business in Orkney


Do I Have To?

Resting up after what was a fantastic couple of days at the Orkney Learning Festival in Kirkwall Grammar School,  despite the horizontal rain! This was my first visit to Orkney and all the stories about the hospitality of the Orcadians had clearly been understated. There was a real buzz about the festival and I am very grateful to folk like Emma Taylor who, in her seminar on blogging and made me aware of bunnyhero labs, where I adopted mickey the monkey as soon as I was able to have him downloaded – what a great way for kids of all ages to enliven their webspace! (check out Mickey in his new home on the other side of the page). Thanks also to Tim Geddes (Broadcasting on the Internet), Russell Mason (Web 2.0) and Andrew James (Scran) whose excellent seminars I was able to take in while I was there. There were other benefits to the visit too in the amazing seafood at the Ayre Hotel and the best Indian food I have ever experienced in the Dil Se restaurant, which has an unfortunate claim to fame as the scene of one of the most famous murders in recent Scottish history, when on the 2 June 1994 a masked gunman walked in to the restaurant and shot the manager at point blank range. It took until just over a week ago to secure a conviction for the murder, which was racially motivated. The trip was eventful to the end as we took off into headwinds of over one hundred miles an hour and swayed and bumped into Glasgow airport just over one and a half hours later. By this time I was feeling a bit green but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.


4 thoughts on “Monkey Business in Orkney

  1. Thanks HJ. Enjoyed the conversation too. The conference was useful but I must read the report now while it is still fresh otherwise it will just go on the “to do” pile. I’ll add you to my blogroll!
    Best rgds

  2. Hello Bill

    We enjoyed having you. It is always good to make contact with other bloggers. I love your monkey!. I am looking forward to having a good look around your site.

  3. Thanks Emma. One of the things I am planning to do in the near future is to help other teachers create their own class blogs and show them how to connect their classes to the world. The potential of Web 2.0 for unleashing the creativity in young people is is too exciting to keep to yourself. Stay in touch.


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