Photo Animoto

I can hardly contain my excitement this week, having discovered the amazing delights of animoto, an online service where you can upload your digital photographs, choose a soundtrack from animoto’s bank of music or from your own collection and have the whole thing converted into a cool video. To test it out I set off on Thursday morning armed with my simple and cheap digital camera, and spent an hour taking pictures around the centre of Glasgow. Tinseltown in the Rain  by The Blue Nile was an easy choice of soundtrack given the weather, and after downloading the photos to my laptop I was watching my first video production within a couple of hours. I hope you’ll agree that it looks very professional, and the really exciting thing about it is its huge potential for use in the classroom as a tool for developing literacy as there is no technical expertise required! If you prefer to watch it on YouTube please do so by following the link.


2 thoughts on “Photo Animoto

  1. Always a good tactic Hilery. I’m sure they wouldn’t have any fear of it. The good thing about this is you can get almost instant results, and once you’ve made your video you can remix it at any time or change the soundtrack etc. Short (30 second) films are free and longer ones cost something like $3.

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