Top of the World (well Arran)

Managed to force myself out of bed and into the cold yesterday as I knew looking at the forecast it was going to be one of those rare days – bright sunshine, no wind and a foot or two of snow on the summit of Goatfell. I usually do the walk about twice a year, once in summer and once in winter, so I know it well, if not quite like the back of my hand. True to form I set off wearing many layers but by the time I emerged from the trees onto the lower slopes I was already dripping sweat from my nose, and decided to abandon my outer jacket, hat and gloves, and pick them up on the way back. The scramble to the top was great fun, digging my boots into the snow to get a grip and occasionally plunging in up to the knees, but the effort was rewarded with clear views in all directions. There was plenty of entertainment as well, watching a paraglider launching himself over the Rosa Slabs and into the vastness of Glen Rosa. You can see some of the pictures below or in Flickr by clicking through in the opposite column. As you can see I liked them so much I’ve taken the opportunity to change the header above to a more seasonal theme!
[rockyou id=128291775&w=426&h=320]


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