Moving Images in Musselburgh

Had a really good day yesterday at the Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh where I was making a presentation to the MIEast network on Curriculum for Excellence and the New Literacies. Despite a few technical glitches in setting up when the laptop and projector seemed to have failed to get the message about digital media and communication and were refusing to talk to each other, the day went well.  

Mairi Flood spoke about Dundee’s successful Moving Image project which provided a box of resources for every primary school in Dundee. James Miller presented a new resource built around Winky’s Horse, a lovely short film about a Chinese girl who moves from China to Holland, where her father has opened a restaurant, and which explores the cultural difficulties she encounters.

Finally we had a very interesting presentation from Per, Jens and Pia-Mari of the Swedish Film Institute who took us on a journey through a brief history of children’s films in Sweden and gave us a flavour of the ways in which they are encouraging the use of moving image education in schools. One particularly ambitious project was the one in which they took all the headteachers in a particular area and had them filming and presenting a brief news item in the course of a day. They thoroughly enjoyed it of course, and what better way to learn of the benefits of MIE for young people. Wonder if it would work here?

I have attached a copy of the presentation I used yesterday. Feel free to watch it, use it, adapt it or distribute it if it is of use to you.

4 thoughts on “Moving Images in Musselburgh

  1. Thanks for sharing your slideshow Bill. Would you mind if I cribbed from a bit of it for when I deliver an inservice session on literacy in August?

    Love the idea of your Swedish colleagues – what a great way of getting SMT thinking about MIE!



  2. No problem Andy. Help yourself. I had a few notes on there but I don’t think you can access them. Never did learn how to display them when making a presentation either.


  3. Hi Bill
    What a great slideshow/set of images. Can I borrow some of them for a presentation i’m giving? I will, of course, fully attribute BBoyd, literacy adviser.

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