Word Clouds

Many teachers are already familiar with the delights of Wordle, the online tool for creating tag clouds. Its uses in the classroom are numerous, from creating poems and posters to analysing text, summarising key points or revising for exams. Recently however, I was introduced to Tagxedo, where you have the added advantage of being able to create your word cloud in a pre-determined shape. With this simple-to-use tool you can help young people build their vocabulary on a whole range of topics. The more words they come up with, the more secure the shape. For added fun you can ‘respin’ the colours, layout and fonts for an endless variety of looks. Set it as a group challenge and watch that word bank take off. Here’s an example I created by way of illustration on the subject of ‘Dogs’.


2 thoughts on “Word Clouds

  1. Hi Hilery. Glad you like it – perhaps there’s a snow theme in there! I think it could be a great tool for helping young people to develop their vocabulary. Been following your journey with Inanimate Alice too. Interesting posts as always.

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