The Hard Spell

Some time ago I wrote a post about handwriting, and whether it still matters nowadays (you’ll just have to read it here to find out what I said!). The other most commonly asked question of a literacy adviser, and probably of anyone in language education, is whether spelling matters anymore. My answer to that one is, that although context and purpose vary its significance, generally speaking YES it does. Of course we are all capable of making mistakes, and sometimes we are in a hurry, and sometimes we can’t be bothered to check it over, and sometimes it was just a note-to-self anyway, and……you get the idea. There are no easy shortcuts to being a competent speller, and it is more difficult for anyone with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia. However, as long as we are going to communicate in writing, the more accurate the spelling the better, and less room for ambiguity. There are quite a number of myths out there regarding spelling, including this one which has been in circulation for so long it has become an unchallenged ‘fact’. Hope you enjoy its de-bunking as much as I did.

To improve your spelling and have fun at the same time try these online games:-

Visual Thesaurus Spelling Bee

Tumble Bees

Spin and Spell

YouTubeInteractive Spelling Bee

Miss Spell’s Class

Merriam-Webster’s Spell It



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