Discovering the Western Isles

The Literacy Adviser is currently on tour to Skye, Lewis and Shetland with the Discovery Film Festival road show. We are screening some fantastic short films from around the world for young audiences, as well as public screenings for all ages, and tailored CPD sessions for primary and secondary teachers at each of the venues. The venture is aimed at raising awareness of the range of short films  available (emphasis on SHORT which is the key to using films successfully),  and demonstrating the ways in which film texts can be used in the classroom to develop literacy skills using a medium which is familiar and engaging. On a slightly different but related note, plans are well under way to include moving image texts in the Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy from 2012. I have been working with the assessment team at SQA and a great bunch of highly committed teachers on that front and I hope to be blogging about it very soon. Watch this space!


6 thoughts on “Discovering the Western Isles

  1. Love idea of using moving image education to develop literacy skills. Would love to hear more thoughts on this as we seek engaging methods for use in HE too.

  2. Thanks Catherine. Would be happy to come and discuss them with you at any time since I don’t think we’re that far away from each other! My contact details are at the top of the blog and of course you can catch me on Twitter.

  3. I am an English and Film Studies teacher and am looking forward to hearing about the roadshow! Was advised to read your blog through someone on twitter 🙂 thanks.

  4. Hi Nikki. Thanks for the comments.Hope you find something useful on the blog. Check out my 100 useful websites at the top of the page – many of them relate to using film in the classroom.


  5. Hi Bill, Just wanted to say thanks for the super “3 nights in a row” CPD you delivered up in Lewis. I’m already twittering my way around your blog and many of your recommended blogs, links and resources! You’ve certainly inspired me to do more with not only film, but web technology in the classroom too! You’ve given me food for thought for a long time to come…many, many thanks!!!

  6. Hi Anne,
    Thanks for sticking with it for three consecutive nights, and for your generous comments. I really enjoyed my time in Stornoway and I’ll be watching developments on Lewis with an interested eye. Good luck with building up your Twitter network and do keep in touch.

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