World Read Aloud Day 2011

Just had an email from my good friend Ruby Veridiano at LitWorld to bring to my attention World Read Aloud Day on 9 March. Anyone who has attended any of my recent CPD sessions for teachers will be aware of what a fan I am of reading aloud to develop literacy skills, and when allied to such an excellent mission to spread global literacy, everybody wins. I’ll let LitWorld’s press release speak for itself and urge you to do whatever you can to register on the website and get involved.

New York, NY (January 12, 2011) – LitWorld, a Global Literacy Organization, presents World Read Aloud Day, an international celebration that motivates children, teens, and adults worldwide to celebrate the power of words and stories. LitWorld has designated March 9th, 2011, as the official World Read Aloud Day, encouraging participants from all over the world to participate in a global movement to advocate for every child’s right to literacy, safe education, and access to books and technology.

“Education, and literacy especially, are the human rights issues of our time. We all must work as hard as we can to make sure that children have the right to go to school and to learn to read and write so their stories are part of the fabric of the world as we know it,” says Pam Allyn, Executive Director of LitWorld.

With nearly 1 billion people entering the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their name, LitWorld believes that literacy is an imperative tool for survival. World Read Aloud Day brings awareness to the fact that millions of people all over the world could be lifted out of poverty if given the ability to read and write. It is a day where people all over the world can take part in the movement for global literacy.

Though LitWorld is based in New York City, participants of World Read Aloud Day do not need to be in the same city to take part in the occasion. World Read Aloud Day is a series of events and happenings across the world that will occur both online and in person, allowing for multiple ways to participate. Whether you are a teacher, student, blogger, or simply an avid reader, one can join in on this day by hosting a World Read Aloud Day event, or by taking the time to read aloud to a classroom or a single person. Participants are encouraged to use social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to show their support, and linking their posts to LitWorld’s social media accounts and website, and to ask yourselves and others the question: What would you miss most if you could not read or write?

LitWorld’s global platform has created an imperative need for technology and social media to execute the organization’s work in connecting with partners, educators, and students all over the world, and the World Read Aloud Day event further encourages the use of these tools to take part. LitWorld will be recruiting World Read Aloud Day ambassadors and participants from different parts of the world, and has so far gathered a national ambassador list that spans from San Francisco to Chicago to Vermont. Prospective ambassadors are encouraged to visit the LitWorld website to view ideas on how to host a World Read Aloud Day event.


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