Amble GPX: Project-Based Learning

Last-minute team briefing

This week I dropped in on the Amble GPX Project in Northumberland to see how they were progressing ahead of the official launch in July. When I arrived they were busy preparing to take their place the following day at the Alnwick Tourism Fair, a perfect opportunity to market their product and explain to the wider community exactly what a ‘geolocation treasure hunt’ is. Great progress had been made since my last visit in August 2010, and despite a number of frustrations with the software, the website has been

Some of the team prepare to meet the public at the Alnwick Tourism Fair

well and truly established. Next week a number of trails are being piloted, with invited guests of all ages being used as guinea pigs over the routes. Their feedback will be invaluable as the final routes and clues are put in place over the coming months. As the official ‘literacy adviser’ to the project, what struck me was how much the young people have matured since my first visit way back in December 2009. As Anna, the project leader, described it so aptly, they have now taken control of the project and are demonstrating leadership skills. Where, in the beginning, people would wait to be told what to do, they are now taking the initiative and doing it their way, because they know how they want it to turn out and they all have a vested interest in its success. There is no better argument than that for project-based learning!

10 thoughts on “Amble GPX: Project-Based Learning

  1. I liked being part of the project but I don’t like having to comment and do the writing. I much prefer the practical stuff.
    Alex H

    • Hi Alex. I know for a fact that you did some hard work on the project and were a valuable member of the team. As I said to Bradley though, even practical people have to write sometimes, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to describe to the rest of the world what the project was all about! Communication skills are essential in the modern world, and I’ll bet yours have improved through working with the team.

  2. I dont like this part of the project because it has to much writing in it and im more into practical work instead of writing. i help make a game in this project i input the clues sometimes. but the reason i come back everyweek is that we do something different everyweek and i enjoy most of it and i see my friends alot of the time

    • Well done on leaving a comment Bradley, even if you don’t like writing very much! It sounds like you made a valuable contribution to the project and had a good time doing it. Remember though, even practical people have to write sometimes. Otherwise, how would the rest of us know about the great things you’re doing? 🙂

  3. I’ve loved the project from day one and will continue to. I’ve learned so much including communication skills, interview skills, how to write a press release and getting to know people.

    • Short and to the point Andrew. You’ve also learned how to leave a comment on someone’s blog. Don’t forget the social networking skills. Well done on your commitment to the project!

  4. Amble GPX has been a good way for many young people in the local community to work together to help build a game for tourists coming to the area. The project has allowed people to develop many key skills which will help them in the future such as communication and ICT. It is a fun project to be part of as well as unique which i am pleased to have helped with. PW

    • Good for you Philip. You have recognised the importance of working together AND the importance of the project for tourism and the local community. Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Overall, I have really enjoyed the project and feel like I have gotten a lot out of it, personally I feel many of my skills have developed a lot of skills. Presentation skills and editing skills have both come along really well through editing workshops and through instances of me and Laura creating presentations for many different events. I feel thoroughly privileged to have been part of such a unique and innovative project such as this one, which will hopefully develop even further in the future.
    The skills I have gained will no doubt help me in the future as well as the connections I have gained through the project. I am hoping my contribution to the project has been a substantial one and that I can continue to work on this remotely, even through my three potential years at university.

    • Well said Mathew! The skills you have developed are clear to see in the end product. Best of luck at university too.

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