The Power of Poetry

April is the cruelest month, according to TS Eliot in his famous modernist poem of 1922, The Wasteland.  However, it is also National Poetry Month, and  LitWorld, the global literacy organisation, is celebrating the power and spirit of words by inviting you to help to compose a Global Poem for Change. The American-born poet, novelist and somgwriter Naomi Shihab Nye has kicked it off with the  first line:

I send my words out into the air, listening for yours from everywhere.

What words do you send out into the air?

What words do you listen for? 

Celebrate Poetry Month and create a Global Poem for Change with LitWorld!

Submit a line of your own at and watch your poem grow at

5 thoughts on “The Power of Poetry

  1. Thanks for visiting and thanks for your very generous comments. I admire anyone who makes the effort to write creatively. Here’s to inspiration!


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    • Hi Chris. You could be right. And you’ve now got me wondering whether a version of The Wasteland in Scots (in the style of McDiarmid) might not be an interesting project!

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