Books – Designing the Future

I’d like to thank my friend Yatra for bringing this to my attention, and John at I Love Typography for posting it first, as well as having the most elegant, unique and beautiful blog. I make no apologies for bringing it to a wider audience.

As someone who still reads only paper books for now (not that I have any sentimental moral objections to eReaders, I just haven’t got round to buying one), I am intrigued by what it is that makes us hang on to books, literally and metaphorically. In this fascinating account, the writer, designer and publisher Craig Mod examines our emotional relationship with books and looks at how we might preserve this relationship into the digital age.


2 thoughts on “Books – Designing the Future

  1. For me it also depends on the type of book I’m reading. If it’s a textbook or some education book then I don’t mind reading it on the computer or my tablet. However if it’s a fiction story that I really need to get in to then I much rather read an actual book.

  2. I think that’s a very good point. It may be related to whether the reading is considered part of ‘work’ as opposed to relaxation and/or escape.

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