2 comments on “Flipping Socrates

  1. This post reminded me of my honors history class my first semester of college. I bought the required texts- one novel and three nonfiction books, and wondered at the lack of required textbook. The class consisted of ten honors students and a really great professor, who challenged us to read critically, compare and contrast texts, and take turns leading class discussions. The leap I had to make from being force-fed facts and dates to this critical reflection of history was difficult, even for a good student such as myself. I think that the flipped high school classroom is a great idea for any subject matter because it more closely reflects the model used in many college classrooms, in which students are required to prepare before class and contribute to the learning there. Flipping classrooms requires students to be more than passive recipients of knowledge. If we want to encourage students to read critically and to be active consumers of information, the model of feeding them information to be regurgitated is definitely not effective. If students are not ready to be completely independent taking in new information, the model can be modified to provide some material prior to class, with the teacher initially modeling how to effectively use the readings or videos.

    • Hi Susan,
      Thank you for your contribution. Much longer ago, but I too remember how difficult it was to make that transition from school to university. I’m not sure the ‘flipped model’ works as a total solution at high school level, but I think it could be a very powerful mechanism when used well and at the appropriate times.

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