Art For Art’s Sake

There’s hardly a day goes by these days but I am engaged in a conversation with someone about ‘the future of the book’. The future of reading, not so much, which I think just goes to demonstrate how ‘reading’ and ‘books’ have become synonymous, despite the fact that most of the reading we do now is demonstrably NOT linked to a book. Personally, I find myself reading novels almost exclusively on my eReader, while I buy physical books for their physical qualities i.e. the look and feel of the book. You could say that I am increasingly looking at books as artefacts, or indeed ‘works of art’, but here’s someone who is taking that to a whole new level. Brian Dettmer is an artist who creates beautiful sculptures from old books, one form of recycling which definitely makes you sit up and take notice.

2 thoughts on “Art For Art’s Sake

  1. Interesting image and I love seeing the things people make with books. But I’m going to have to disagree that “books” are dead. As a reader, I want to get away from the computer/technology and find a physical book much easier to focus on. As a writer, I’m glad to see that the majority of my sales are physical books over e-books (sometimes 2 to 1). I do wonder sometimes if the more technology gets pushed on us, the more we try to find ways to escape it.

  2. Hi Tammie. Thanks for commenting. I fully appreciate your preference, and if you check out the blog and the talk, you’ll find that neither Brian Dettmer nor I suggested that books are ‘dead’. In fact, he describes them as ‘living things’. PS I am currently sitting in a room full of books!

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