English Language Sites

A list of free websites for the development of English language skills:

BBC Bitesize – KS2 reading, writing, spelling and grammar www.bbc.co.uk

Definr – incredibly fast dictionary www.definr.com 

EasyDefine – define multiple words quickly www.easydefine.com

Elements of Poetry – poetical terms explained www.bedforstmartins.com

English Companion – self-help network for English teachers www.englishcompanion.ning.com

English Raven – web-based resources for teaching EFL/ESL www.englishraven.com

Folding Story – group storytelling game www.foldingstory.com

GapFillers – online lessons for advanced English learners www.gapfillers.com

GrammarCheck – checks for grammar and spelling mistakes and gives instant feedback www.grammarcheck.net

Grammarman Comic – EFL/ESL comics for students and teachers www.grammarmancomic.com 

Grammar Games – simple, compound and complex sentences explained www.northwood.org.uk 

Grammar Monster – free grammar lessons and tests www.grammar-monster.com

ICT Magic – huge collection of resources for teaching English language and literature www.ictmagic.wikispaces.com 

KidsSpell.com – free spelling games www.kidsspell.com

Knowledge of Language – Education Scotland language resources www.educationscotland.gov.uk 

Lexipedia – online visual dictionary www.lexipedia.com 

Lingo2Word – text message translator www.lingo2word.com

Listen a Minute – speaking and listening exercises www.listenaminute.com

Mysteries of Vernacular – beautiful video explorations of the origins of words www.mysteriesofvernacular.com 

ReadWriteThink – interactive tools to improve literacy www.readwritethink.org

RhymeZone – find rhymes, synonyms, definitions and more www.rhymezone.com

Rewordify – free online reading comprehension software simplifies difficult language www.rewordify.com 

School Time Games – Language Arts – beautiful word games to help build vocabulary www.schooltimegames.com

Sentence Master – English grammar writing games www.sentencemaster.ca 

Shady Characters – the secret life of punctuation www.shadycharacters.co.uk 

Shakespeare’s Words – explore the complete glossary of the works of Shakespeare www.shakespeareswords.com

Smories – original stories for kids, read by kids www.smories.com

Snappy Words – free visual online dictionary www.snappywords.com 

SpellingBee – the spelling game http://www.spellingbeethegame.com/

Spreeder – improve reading speed and comprehension www.spreeder.com

Storymania – online community for lovers of reading and writing www.storymania.com

StoryToolz – online ideas generator for creative writing www.storytoolz.com 

Synonym Finder – finding the right word at the right time www.synonym-finder.com

Teach Your Monster to Read – games-based reading programme www.teachyourmonstertoread.com

Textivate – allows users to generate interactive activities based on any text up to 500 words www.textivate.com

The Phrase Finder – meanings and origins of phrases and sayings www.phrases.org.uk

WebEnglishTeacher – language and literacy resources for busy teachers www.webenglishteacher.com

WordSearchMaker – make your own word search puzzles www.wordsearchmaker.net

Visuwords – online graphical dictionary www.visuwords.com

Visual Thesaurus – interactive dictionary and thesaurus www.visualthesaurus.com

Wordia – search for subject-specific words www.wordia.com

Wordsmyth – free online dictionary www.wordsmyth.net

Word Sense – a reimagined dictionary and thesaurus for matching words to thoughts like never before www.wordsense.me

Writing Den – improve your writing (includes Teachers’ Guide) www2.actden.com

Writing Prompts – ideas for writing assignments www.canteach.ca

Wrtitng Rules! – advice from the New York Times www.nytimes.com

Your English Class – grammar and style tips www.yourenglishclass.com


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