Feedback from  Presentations/Courses/Seminars

“Thank you very much for coming to spend the morning with us. You will know from experience that colleagues are not slow to tell SMT when they don’t rate the inset arranged, so I am delighted to convey that your sessions drew unanimous and unqualified praise from across the staff. There was a great deal to chew on and I appreciated the mix of humour, anecdote, research evidence and practical strategies.”

“Very good intro to the day….his presentation is clear about what we should do to be more creative and enterprising.”

“An excellent resume – his handout is excellent as it is a wonderful staff development tool.”

“Very though-provoking. Great to have time to reflect and remember why we came into education in the first place. Thanks.”

“Helped me look at the positive contribution I make in the classroom. I appreciated myself.”

“A well-balanced mix of light-hearted learning strategies alongside deeper reflection on research into the effectiveness of the teacher.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the fascinating talks. Lots of relevant and sensible key messages which I will take back and share with my colleagues at school.”

“Thank you for a most inspirational morning.”

“The literacy keynote presentation was excellent in supporting the whole philosophy of CfE and need to change”

“Practical examples of how to use ICT/games in storytelling.  Very enthusiastically presented – motivating, seems do-able”

“Literacy conference from Bill Boyd was great, good ideas for websites to use for videos and classroom”

“Literacy – excellent speaker – good website connections, motivating and inspiring talk”

“Lots of interesting websites, use of technology to help children become better writers”

“Really enjoyed ‘No Reluctant readers’ will be making sure I have more DEAK time in my class”

“Concrete practice & demonstrations in what is happening in classrooms at the moment and what is working”

‘A very useful and interesting presentation which all teachers would benefit from.’

‘Thanks for encouraging Bill’s visit.  It was good to hear from an enthusiast.’

‘The session was really exciting and I can’t wait to start using some new types of text!’

‘It was really excellent to attend the sessions over the 3 days.’


From ‘Literacy and Numeracy – Two sides of the Same Coin’ (with Tom Renwick of Maths on Track)

“Very useful. We need more seminars like this delivered to whole staff.”
“Listening and watching today has really made me think about what I’m doing and where I need to focus my attention. Thank You.”
“Like the informal chatty style. Maltesers are always a good thing!”
“It makes such sense when you see the connections. Will be re-thinking a lot of my lessons for next week and beyond.”
“Excellent. Has confirmed my thoughts and staffroom talk.”
“I’ll leave today feeling grounded and inspired. The talk was full of simple yet effective strategies/activities which you can easily lose sight of during a busy and pressured school year. Thank you!”
“Found the talk very interesting and really liked the mix of numeracy and literacy explained in stages.”
“Very informative and helpful to a non-English/Maths teacher. All practitioners should experience a session like this one!”
“Literacy + Numeracy = works. Thanks. PS Taking bananas off my shopping list (you had to be there!)”
“Thank you. Stimulating. Thought-provoking. Definitely something to take back to school to encourage dialogue across subject areas to see the connections.”
“Interesting to have time to explore the links and entertaining to see value of real-life contexts for non-routine questions.”
“Lots of great ideas to use in the classroom and to think about.”
“Links were made clear and handouts mapped a great approach to making the connections.”
“Very informative. Great practical ideas which I will take forward.”
“Thought-provoking. Good ideas to take away as well as the theories behind them.”
“This course pointed out the links and similarities which now seem obvious. It’s made me think about how I teach both literacy and maths.”

2 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Hi Bill,

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your CPD session with us here in Stornoway yesterday. It was positive (when so much discussion about CfE has tended to be negative), very informative, interesting, thought provoking and generated some good discussion starters on the assessment issues of CfE affecting teachers in both Primary and Secondary. It was also a great opportunity to spend some time with colleagues from across the authority.

    All the best with all that you are currently working on – and thanks also for making your blog such a fantastic resource for teachers.

    With kind regards,

    • Hi Liz,
      Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to work with the network. It speaks volumes that so many of your colleagues were willing to give up their Saturday at such a busy time. I thought the discussion was very encouraging and I’m sure the amount of effort you put in to make it happen will pay dividends. Look forward to further discussion via the Glow group and the wiki.


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