4 comments on “The Amulet of Samarkand

  1. One of my Higher pupils did the novel for his RPR (showing my age there!) on my recommendation. He passed with flying colours. The whole trilogy is excellent. Bartimeus is a superb ‘anti-hero’.

  2. Hi Neil,
    I remember the RPR (Review of Personal Reading)! I regret to say I was unaware of the novels until now – as someone once said (almost, kind of), the more you learn the more you realise the extent of your ignorance. I’m sure that there are readers who would be tempted to read the original novel after finding this version, but of course it is an equally valid text in itself. The artwork is quite stunning.

  3. Hi Bill,

    We have used the trad text of ‘Amulet’ in the last 2 years at school and I’m very excited about this fabulous graphic version. It was something of a coup to introduce graphic novels to our department last year (a class set each of ‘Great Expectations’ and ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’), which have been hugely successful – one S3 boy so loved ‘Great Expectations’ (“It’s the first book I’ve read all the way through and liked”) that he got his mum to buy him a copy on-line and, while she was at it, he persuaded her to get another 5 graphic novels! Now that is what I call success! So, I’m very keen to get a class set of this text – especially at such a fantastically reasonable price.

    Thanks for a great review – and posting up thumbnails of the inside pages of the book is especially helpful in selling the idea of it to colleagues.


    • Hi Liz,
      Thanks for the comments. There are two great aspects to that story. One is that a young man who may have gone through life believing that he wasn’t a reader now knows otherwise, and the other is that you have recognised as a teacher the validity of graphic novels as texts in themselves.

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